EBF Facility
– The secure location for cutting-edge research and storage 

The vision

Our vision is to lift biostasis to a new, professional, level in Europe. So when we designed our facility in Rafz, Switzerland, we had five characteristics in mind: Usefulness, stability and security over many decades, scalability and representativeness. For example, an important long-term stability aspect is that the EBF is the only owner of both the plot and the building.
From planning to realization, a professional partner who is capable to implement all of these aspects has been the key to this project. We found such a partner in the general contractor Schmidli Architekten + Partner whose headquarters is just 100m from the facility.

The facility contains a garage large enough for an ambulance, a large storage room, a medical facility, a lab, offices and a lobby.
The building has been finished in March 2022.  Currently, medical and other interior equipment is being added. 

Why Rafz?

There were several selection criteria, which in the end resulted in only one plot remaining: in the new industrial park next to the Rafz train station. Rafz is a village in the canton of Zurich in Northern Switzerland with a very favorable transportation connection. Rafz is very close to the German border in a relatively flat area, making the facility easily reachable in the DACH region. The Zurich international airport is only around 30-40 minutes away by car and by train. 

The risk profile is very good: First, flooding is extremely unlikely in this spot, because the property is high enough above streams and the Rhine river, the underground is gravely, so any rain water seeps away very quickly, and the groundwater is located dozens of meters below the surface. The canton of Zurich is located in a region having a low risk of earthquakes. There is also no nuclear power plant in close proximity and last but not least, crime is not an issue, but that applies in general to the whole of Switzerland.

In the neighbourhood, there are some other hightech buildings such as a new datacenter and another biotech building also being built there.

How the vision became reality

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March 23, 2022: Handover of the building from the General Contractor to EBF!
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