Board of Trustees
– Built for stability while enabling professionality

Dr. Emil Kendziorra
Trustee, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Emil Kendziorra has a strong background in medicine, cancer research and entrepreneurship. He has been CEO of multiple tech and medical companies, most recently as a Founder and CEO of Medlanes, the leading digital house call provider in Germany. Before that he ran companies from digital agencies to data analysis companies.

Emil graduated summa cum laude in Medicine from University Medical Center Göttingen - one of the leading medical schools in Germany - with a doctoral degree in translational cancer research. He’s a regular keynote speaker on future of healthcare policy, the overlap of healthcare, science and technology as well as an advisor to insurances, hospital chains and pharmaceutical companies on digitalization topics.

Furthermore, he’s a mentor to a wide range startups as well as a crypto and early stage angel investor.

Patrick Burgermeister

Patrick Burgermeister has a strong background in venture capital, pharma, banking and medtech. He is a partner at Kizoo Technology Capital, an early stage investor in
the field of longevity biotech. Patrick was also a partner at the venture capital
group BioMedPartners (Basel), a leading European investor in private life science
companies. Both in the past and today, he supports young companies as a member
of their board.

Before that, Patrick was Senior Portfolio Manager at Novartis where he evaluated
and prioritised all development projects from preclinical phase to registration.

He also headed the business development at the oncology company Apeiron Biologics (Vienna, Austria) and the anti-infectives company BioVersys (Basel). He successfully concluded several licensing deals with public and private companies.

Patrick holds a Master degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Basel (Biozentrum), a Master degree in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and a degree as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Monika Windlin

Monika Windlin is an Attorney at Law, LL.M. and has worked for many years for several financial institutions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Monika got involved with life extension and biostasis in connection with a mandate as estate executor and board member of a Liechtenstein charitable foundation.

Torsten Nahm

Torsten Nahm leads the Data Science Unit at DKB, a large German online bank. Before, he was Chief Risk Officer for a Berlin based startup, which he joined in 2015 and helped prepare for its IPO in 2018. He has also worked as a manager in several strategy and risk consultancies. Torsten studied mathematics, biology and medicine at the University of Bonn, and graduated with a Diploma in Mathematics in 2007.

Torsten has a deep and long experience in life extension and biostasis. He co-founded the German Society for Transhumanism in 1999, and the German Society of Applied Biostasis in 2006, serving on its board until 2014. He is convinced we are located at the cusp of a golden age of medicine, where science will make fundamental new contributions to health and longevity, and that we must seize and make the most of this chance.

Tayfun Knüsel

Tayfun Knüsel began his career as an electrician in the canton of Zug. After successfully completing his apprenticeship and gaining his first professional experience, he completed the mandatory service in the Swiss Army. A professional reorientation brought him into the security sector. Among other things, he was responsible for monitoring sensitive installations.

At the same time, he became interested in new medical developments. He is particularly interested in the sustainable treatment of terminal diseases. Tayfun Knüsel is currently working in the public sector in municipal administration and in his spare time, he was a member of the board of the former association CryoSuisse.

Nicolai Kilian

Nicolai Kilian has a strong background in business software development, identity & access management and website development. He is senior full-stack software developer and administrator in a cantonal bank in Switzerland. 

Nicolai holds a Diplom degree in Computational Linguistics - comprising computer science including machine learning, linguistics and mathematics - from Saarland University in Germany. 

As co-founder of the first association for biostasis in Switzerland, CryoSuisse, he has long been interested in the subject. 

Mathias Hirsch

Mathias Hirsch studied art history, archaeology and philosophy in Heidelberg and business administration at the University of Mannheim. In 1982 he completed his studies with the title Diplom Kaufmann. Since 1978 he has been managing the tour operator Hirsch Reisen in Karlsruhe as an authorized signatory and since 1982 as a managing partner. Hirsch Reisen is specialized in cultural tours in the broadest sense.

Since his early youth, Mathias Hirsch has been interested in prolonging people's lives in health. In autumn 2016, he and his friend Torsten Nahm founded the Hirsch Foundation, a charitable foundation, to support research in this field. Mathias Hirsch is convinced that a research institute in Switzerland has the best prerequisites to sustainably promote this process.
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